Sandi Stember Ohlen Photography

glacier lily marsh marigold monkey flowers paintbrushSandi's picture


Owner: Sandi Stember Ohlen, MS, LPC

Email Address:

Phone: 605-431-6956


Sandi is a Nature Photographer who specializes in wild flowers of the Black Hills and the Rocky Mountains. She sells note cards with nature scenes of the area and with nature/contemplative quotes from naturalists and spiritually based naturalists or herself. Sandi is also working to publish a book on wild flower identification and contemplative beauty. She sells her cards wholesale to shops or retail. Sandi is located in Rapid City, SD and she will give slide shows of her beautiful wildflower photography. Please contact her. She also teaches contemplative prayer, the prayer labyrinth, and is a spiritual director/companion and a licensed professional counselor in South Dakota. She has a private practice in counseling/therapy and spiritual direction.

Payment Taken: Cash and Check




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