Black Hills Dakota Distillery, LLC

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Owners: Michael and Paul Lewis

Email Address:

Web Address:

Phone Number: 832-680-8660

Store Hours: By appointment only.

Black Hills Dakota Distillery founded in April 2010, is the first legal distillery in the Black Hills area. We are a startup artisan distillery with our production facility located outside of Sturgis, South Dakota. Our goal is to produce the finest handcrafted spirits possible using South Dakota grown ingredients. At present, we have one 50-gallon column still with four refractor plates and one 15-gallon column still. Our spirits are produced on a small batch level, which flows off our still at a rate of gallons per hour not hundreds of gallons per minute. Our premiere product is Sturgis Shine. Sturgis Shine is born from a combination of South Dakota’s freshly milled barley and pure golden clove honey. This bold blend is triple distilled and charcoal filtered yielding a top quality final product. At 100 Proof, Sturgis Shine brings just the right amount of heat to your palette. A sweet and earthy nose fades to subtle clove spice on the tongue and finishes with delicate notes of fresh barley. Creating a unique complex taste with an uncommonly smooth finish. Winner of: Silver Medal, 2014 American Craft Distillers competition; Bronze Medal 2014 George Washington Spirits competition.

Our distillers hold nothing back in bringing the inspirational setting of the Black Hills to your glass.  We use freshly grown South Dakota fruit, grains and honey.  See our website to find out where to find and buy our products. We are distributed by Republic National Distribution Company. We will host tasting events at retailers throughout South Dakota. Please find us on Facebook to see when and where our next tasting will be. For more information, see the video on the following link:


Apple Bliss is the silky flavor of our Sturgis Shine with apple, cinnamon and cloves. This 50 proof liquor is made with all natural 100% apple juice, whole cinnamon sticks, clove bulbs and dark syrup. It has a flavor that takes you home to those memories of family gatherings and grandparent

Rhuberry is a savory mixture of our Sturgis Shine with tangy rhubarb and sweet strawberries. Rhuberry is bottled at 50 proof with all natural ingredients. It has the flavor of sweet strawberries with the zesty taste of rhubarb. It reminds you of those home make jams and sauces served with morning toast or over ice cream.

Amber Shine is a smooth spirit infused with charred oak spirals. The spirals give Sturgis Shine that amber colors, and vanilla and caramel flavors of fine whiskeys but with the earthy essence of barley. Bottled at 80 proof, it makes for a fine sipping spirit.

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