Deb’s Rugs in Historic Keystone, SD

Deb's Rugs Deb and her rugOwner: Deb Lervaag

Store Address: 510 First St., Keystone, South Dakota

Store Hours: Winter hours are negotiable concerning the weather  and/or by appointment.  March 15th to Sept. 15th are daily 9:30 – 5:30 and by appointment if an evening is desired.

Phone: 605-381-4400

Email Address: deb’

About the Store:

I carry hand woven and felted items; rag rugs, tote  bags, 100% cotton tea towels, felted slippers and bracelets, handwoven silk and  bamboo scarves, and ponchos, wine bags, water carriers, to name a few items that  are made in my shop.
I weave with new fabrics that are recycled  from the old fabric mills as mill ends, that were formerly thrown away.  I  also knit and crochet with 100% wool for felting slippers and other items.  
I have taught some local ladies how to weave and often visit with fellow weavers in my shop and online to ask and answer questions,  explore new resources or techniques.  Sometimes, depending on the  weather you will find me out front of my shop weaving too.

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